Ringette PEI, in partnership with the five local associations of Charlottetown, Montague, Rustico, Souris, and Summerside, is proud to host the 2019 Canadian Ringette Championships (CRC) from April 7–13, 2019.

First held in 1979 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the CRC, along with the Canada Winter Games, showcases the very best that the sport has to offer. The tournament provides athletes with the opportunity to compete at the elite level, encourages sportsmanship and interprovincial goodwill, and increases the visibility of ringette across the country.  The 2019 CRC will determine the Canadian champions in the U16, U19, and National Ringette League categories.

The Organizing Committee is excited to welcome athletes, coaches, team staff, officials, families, and fans to PEI this coming April. Please check our website www.crc2019.ca often as we will add further information and resources as they become available—we want to ensure your CRC experience is an amazing one!

The Host Organizing Committee thanks title sponsor Credit Unions of PEI, along with the Government of PEI and the cities of Charlottetown and Summerside, for their generous leadership support.

Organizing Committee – Contact Information

Should you have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to contact the 2019 Canadian Ringette Championships co-chairs:

Contact Information

Our host committee is trying to populate a contact list for all the teams that are attending.  Even if you have contacted us in the past, please send an email to 2019crc@gmail.com with your key team contacts (position, email and cell phone number). A minimum of one contact per team is required.

Technical Meeting

The technical meeting hosted by Ringette Canada will be held at 2:30 pm on Sunday, April 7 in the Veterans’ Convention Centre at Credit Union Place in Summerside. All teams must be represented at this meeting by a member of their team staff.

Ringette PEI Booster Program

Each U16 and U19 team will be paired with a team booster (or in some cases a pair of boosters). These boosters are younger ringette players from PEI who will be part of the team for the week and help cheer them on. Their families will act as the team’s host and assist in helping players settle into their stay on PEI.

An email with this information will be sent to each team with your booster’s name(s) and their families’ contact information. They will be formally introduced to your team during the marshalling for the opening ceremonies. 

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will take place at Credit Union Place in Summerside on Sunday, April 7, 2019, beginning at 6:00 pm. Please note the following:

  • Teams will congregate on the walking track at Credit Union Place by 5:35 pm wearing their team or provincial colours. Each team will be assigned a specific meeting location and will have a volunteer assigned to their team.
  • All U16 and U19 teams will be introduced to their “local” ringette player at this time and then ushered to your team’s assigned seats for the ceremony.
  • Each team is asked to bring 2-3 new or gently used books that will be donated as part of the ceremony. Each team will need to designate a player who will hand off these books as part of the ceremony. Details of how and when this will take place will be provided to your team during marshalling.
  • It is estimated the Opening Ceremony will take around 45 minutes and then move right into the Skills Competition.

Skills Competition

The Skills Competition has been designed to profile the speed of our sport in a fun and exciting way, and will take place immediately following the Opening Ceremony. We have two ice surfaces—one will be used for warm up and the other for competition—so we are planning for a steady flow of teams through the competition course with a large audience watching.  

In our practice runs, local u16 players completed the course in about 1 minute, 30 seconds so we anticipate the event taking about 50 minutes in total. This should result in the Opening Ceremony/Skills Competition being completed by 8 pm, allowing teams to “get home” to prepare for the next day’s competition.

The specifics around the skills competition have been circulated via a booklet and an accompanying video. It is available on the www.crc2019.ca website. Each team will need to identify five (5) players who will compete in the following disciplines (all explained in the booklet and video):

  1. Fastest Skater
  2. Most Agile Skater
  3. Top Passer
  4. Top Goalie
  5. Most Accurate Shooter

We ask that each U16 and U19 team please forward the names of the participants who will compete in the Skills Competition and in which discipline they are competing by Monday, April 1.  The names can be sent to 2019crc@gmail.com. The athletes competing in the skills competition will bring their gear to the rink for the Opening Ceremony and it will be locked in the change room that they will be using before the ceremony begins. 

A full schedule with change room assignments will be circulated the week before the event.

Closing Banquet

The banquet takes place at 7:00 pm on Saturday April 13 at the Delta Prince Edward. The theme for the banquet is “Light up the Night” and the attire is semi-formal. We want to remind teams that only accredited participants (players and team staff) are able to attend the banquet.  If teams do have additional team staff, above the five accredited ones, we may be able to accommodate them at a cost of $60/person once our final numbers are confirmed.

The three-course meal will include salad, a chicken and vegetable entrée, followed by dessert. 

We do know that there are some participants who have special dietary requirements and/or allergies. Please forward any special dietary requests to 2019crc@gmail.com by Friday, March 29.

Welcome Packet/Accreditation Badges/Purchased Tickets by Team

Each team will be provided with accreditation badges that you must wear throughout the week to access the venues.  The team will receive “athlete” badges for the approved number of athletes on their roster and a maximum of five “team staff” badges for coaches, assistant coaches, trainers and/or managers.  The badges look as follows and will have Credit Union lanyards that allow you to wear them on your neck:

The plan is that one of our volunteers will meet your team before your first practice and provide the accreditation badges, the additional tickets purchased by your team (if your team ordered any) and a welcome package.  If your team doesn’t have a practice booked, we will arrange a time to meet with your manager/team staff after arriving in PEI.

Ticketing Policy Update

The best value for the week is to buy the Tournament Pass, which provides you access to the Opening Ceremony, the Skills Competition, and any of the 186 games you wish to take in including the championship games. These are on sale until April 3 and we encourage teams to order as a group by contacting Ron MacAulay at remacaulay@eastlink.ca.

For day passes, which will be sold daily during the event, we have two new options available: a day pass sold after 4 pm and a “one-game” pass for Championship Day.

Round Robin and Ceremonies Day Pass April 7-11 $20     ($10 after 4 pm)
Playoffs and Championship Day Pass April 12-13   $25      ($10 for one championship game)

Social Media Updates

In addition to on our website, additional information and reminders will be available through 2019 CRC social media accounts. 

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and connect with us using the hash tags #ringette #ringuette #CRC2019

True Sport

Both Ringette PEI and Ringette Canada are proud champions of the True Sport Movement. We encourage everyone involved to live the True Sport principles during the Credit Union 2019 Canadian Ringette Championships. At this event, we will emphasize this year’s Principle of the Year—“Respect Others.”

This principle encourages everyone to “Win with dignity, lose with grace. Respect all involved.”

Each U16 and U19 team will be assigned a group involved in their CRC experience (parents, arena staff, etc.) and will be asked to pay to particular attention to how they show respect to that group during this event. Teams are encouraged to post about their True Sport efforts on social media with the hashtags, #respectothers #respectelesautres.

The teams with the most popular post will be named the CRC True Sport Champions!

Sustainable Championships

Members of our host committee have noticed that at past CRCs where programs were printed, many were not used. In an effort to follow sustainable and environmental best practices, the committee has decided to not print a program this year. Instead participants and spectators will be directed to the website for roster information, schedules, and results. We will have a limited number of printed versions of the schedule at the ticket counters at each venue.

Our partners, the cities of Charlottetown and Summerside, each have a business loyalty program that provides discounts for participants and supporters of events that they host. In Charlottetown, by showing your accreditation badge/tournament pass at participating vendors, you will be eligible to receive various discounts and savings. In Summerside, you will be provided with a code for an app that the city has developed with local businesses, providing discounts and savings. These options are provided in lieu of the printed coupons that have traditionally been distributed in welcome packages.

Practice Times

Please note that we need release any ice times not being used for practices no later than Friday, March 29.  We do still have limited times available from Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7. If your team is wishing to book practice times, please do so by contacting Mike James via email (mikejames1962@gmail.com) or by phone at 902-626-9612 by Thursday, March 28.

Information Bulletin #1

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