Skills Competition


  • To showcase the talent level of the players in a featured event immediately following the opening
  • To allow the best players at the U16 and U19 level to showcase their individuals skills in pursuit of
    five individual awards and then as a collective for the top team award

Skills tested

  1. Fastest forward skater
  2. Most agile skater
  3. Best passer
  4. Goalie skills
  5. Top shooter
  • Each individual skill will be timed and/or scored to declare a winner. The best team score will be
    a combination of the fastest overall time and the results of the individual ring skills.
  • Each team will select 5 players (one for each skill to participate)
  • 2 teams will be tested at both ends of the ice at the same time
  • Skills will happen in sequence following the previous skill, make sure each participant is ready to
    go. The clock continues to run throughout the five skill events until the last skill is completed.
  • There is an accompanying video that describes the skills competition, this document and the
    video should give you a clear understanding of how the skills competition will be run.

CRC-CCR Skills Competition Booklet

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